NextGen Framework

Conversational Email bot

Manage email conversations with our fully automated system. We are not talking of simple gmail filters. We are talking of a fully capable bot to follow a conversation in multiple languages. Our conversational designer makes sure your customers are addressed the right way depending on what checkpoint they are and what keywords they say. Apply conditional rules to the email conversation behavior any smart jumps between questions based on the answers from your customers and assure a relevant conversation.
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Conversational Chat bot

Finding a bot that works in multiple web devices, talks multiple languages and remembers you after you come back in a few days its very hard. We can help you develop a bot that is tested with all our games. This bot is developed to mimic a chat conversation with a fake character. The user will be able to follow the storyline in an immersive web chat. With all the tools an escape game could need. Hint system, conditional jumps, working 24/7 and with the possibility to jump with a live agent if the bot fails.
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NextGen Framework

Internal tools (private)

We are obsessed in automating our day-to-day work. From building a game engine for online board games to making online rankings in our experiences or even developing our fake digital phone conversational bot. If you are interested in using another tool that we use in our games let us know, and we might be able to help you.